• Uygun Oasis Club Apartments III

    Uygun Oasis Club Apartments III

    Uygun Oasis Club Lifestyle Continues...

    Would you lıke to escape from the city's traffic and jammed buildings. Next to the magnificent Mediterranean sea and the nature, Uygun Oasis Club III offers you exclusive apartments in a lush garden just 400 mt from the sea apartments in Alanya.

  • Uygun Center

    Uygun Center

    The architectural design of Uygun Center, a business compound to locate in the heart of Alanya is completed after long time of impatience and excitement among the local community. We will soon be welcoming you to our latest project, which is expected to bring a new and fresh look to Alanya, in the last remaining empty piece of her land in the core of her heart. Uygun Center, the construction efforts of which are expected to be initiated during winter, next year, is targeted to alter the general climate of Alanya both for architectural and conceptual aspects.

  • Uygun Oasis Club Villas II

    Uygun Oasis Club Villas II

    "Being constructed on a hill rising in the middle of the tourism facilities and shopping centers of Town Konakli, Alanya, Uygun Oasis Club Villas II will doubtlessly leverage your position.

    There are 72 villas in 4 different types built and developed on a terrain of 30.000 square meters. Almost every villa has its own domestic swimming pool, in addition to the large public swimming pool that has a 330 square m. measuring  jacuzzi all supported by social facilities. 

    As close as 400 m. to the seashore, Oasis Club Villas complex avails direct access to the ocean via a special route extending from its main entrance.

    Uygun Oasis Club Villas II is notable as a rising star of Konakli for its odd architectural design and the quality and warranty of Uygun Group."

  • Uygun Oasis Club I

    Uygun Oasis Club I

    Uygun Oasis Club offers you a peaceful environment where you experience a personal interaction with mother nature. Settled on a hillside in Cikcilli Town of Alanya, the complex is notable for its unique architectural design and the unmatched integrity of building materials. All apartments and villas forming part of the complex has an immense oceanic view, all mixed in the astoundingly beautiful atmosphere of the Alanya Fortress, the Red Tower and the historical Dockyard.

    Located at a distance of 2.500 meters from the Seashore, Uygun Oasis Club consists of 14 villas and 12 single story apartments with 2 rooms plus 1 large living room and 16 duplex apartments with 4 rooms and 1 large living room totally grouped into three block of apartments.

  • Uygun Cleopatra III

    Uygun Cleopatra III

    Cleopatra III is a large contemporary living compound located at the entrance of Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, with a breath-taking view of the Cleopatra Beach lying beneath the shadow of the guarding spirit of the Fortress of Alanya, all filled with beautiful beams of the sun and fresh air.

    You may enjoy the matchless view of the sunset while tasting your drink drop by drop, sitting at the luxurious balconies which are provided as standard in all apartments adorned with scenaries of mountains conjoined with the sea and want to live the rest of your life in the heart of the Mother Nature.

    The site is 500 m far from Cleopatra beach by walk and 2 km from the downtown.