Payments & Taxes

Property Taxes and Payments   

a. Title Deed Transfer Tax: Ad-hoc 4% tax on the title deed sale price during the title deed transfer.

b. Setting up a bank account: This is free. Where a purchaser wishes to apply for a residency permit, the minimum account balance must be 2.500 euros. This balance can be withdrawn at any time after 1 day.

Additional Payments

Electricity subscription: Together with the 100 euros subscription cost for the recently completed property, 120 euros of gauge deposit

Property Tax: Is paid to the local municipality in 2 equal instalments (usually May and November) every year. Property tax rates are in accordance with the sum that appears on the title deed.

Housing: 0.1%
Other Buildings: 0.2%
Land: 0.1%
Unclaimed Land: 0.3%

If, for example, the Title Deed shows a purchase value of 100,000TL, then the annual property tax will be 100TL (payable in two equal instalments of 50TL).

Environment Tax: Approximately 50 euros paid once a year (the value is determined by the local municipality).

Utility Usage rates:

Electricity: Between 0.13 euros per KW (01.08.2013).

Water: Between 0.7 euros per m3 (depending on operating facility).

There are water and electricity gauges in all residential units