• Uygun Canyon

    Uygun Canyon

    Uygun Canyon is inviting you for a life together with a nature in Alanya. Uygun Canyon is offering a real joy of villa which has Alanya city view, Alanya Castle and sea view in mountain breeze.The villa takes it’s name from the Canyon at Tepe class of Alanya, which is constructed near of it. All the details are thought for you, and designed for your comfort and luxury. The salon at the entrance did not divided into rooms and wide glass doors are used in order to benefit more from excellent mountain, sea, castle and Alanya view. When sitting in the salon, you feel as living in mountain house and nature.

  • Uygun Cleopatra II

    Uygun Cleopatra II

    Uygu Cleopatra II is located in the downtown of Alanya, with 200 m distance to closed swimming pool complex and intercity bus station. With its privileged location 500 m far from the Cleopatra Beach, Uygun Cleopatra II offers one of the rarest views of the city, the Fortress and the Sea, exploiting this unique advantage. It is one of the few art pieces in Alanya. It has 9 stories, which gives a good courtyard for a large garden, a large swimming pool and a tennis court. Completed in 2007, Uygun Cleopatra II consists of 32 each apartments with 2 rooms plus 1 living room and 4 duplex apartments encompassing 4 rooms and 1 living room

  • Uygun Konak Beach

    Uygun Konak Beach

    Uygun Konak Beach is a complex with location in Town Konakli, 200 m distant to the seashore, enabling full oceanic layout to be seen by inhabitants of the apartments. The location of the complex hosts a 5 star hotel facility, a number of sporting complexes and shopping centers. Besides, a new large aqua park is already under construction in the neighborhood. Built in 2007, Uygun Konak Beach has 18 garden apartments, 18 duplex flats and 1 triplex villa grouped into 11 blocks of apartments designed in 3 different shapes.

  • Club Uygun Sidar

    Club Uygun Sidar

    Club Uygun Sidar is notable for its location on the busiest avenue of Oba Sub-district and its split architectural design. Still considered as one of the best projects ever realized in the Sub-district, Club Uygun Sidar is 100 m far from the sea. Club Uygun Sidar is one of the most "green" projects of Oba, being settled on a large area rich of trees and vegetation. Having a vegetal land that measures 3.245 square meters in total, the complex embodies a large pool with water skiing facilities, a children's playground and a football playground. Completed in 2006, Club Uygun Sidar  has 6 retailer shops and 4 each 1+1 room, 32 each 2+1 room and 10 each 4+1 room duplex apartments.

  • Uygun Park

    Uygun Park

    Located at Oba Sub-district of Alanya, 250 m distant from the sea and surrounded by a football game-field in the south and Oba Stream in the west. In addition to the large swimming pool located inside the site, immediately adjacent to the site is the social facilities area that belongs to Oba Municipal Authority and semi- olympic swimming pool that is part of these facilities and a number of Tennis courts. Totally consisted of 3 apartment blocks, the site incorporates 56 each 2+1 room and 14 each 4+1 room duplex flats

  • Uygun Begonvil

    Uygun Begonvil

    Inspired by the marvellous smell spread from the orange groves aligned alongside the flowing course of Oba Stream, Uygun Begonvil is 300 m far to the sea and located close to Oba Stream. A semi-olympic swimming pool facility located next to Uygun Park is supplemented by a number of Tennis courts at about 500 meters distance of the facility. Completed in 2005, Uygun Begonvil comprises 32 each 2+1 room and 8 each 4+1 room duplex apartments.

  • Uygun Tosmur

    Uygun Tosmur

    Located right in the center of Town Tosmur, Uygun Tosmur is only 150 m far to the sea. Located on the route to Dim Rivulet and Dam, Uygun Tosmur was completed in 2005 to comprise of 4 retail stores and 22 each 2+1 room apartments.

  • Uygun Cleopatra I

    Uygun Cleopatra I

    Located at downtown, Alanya, this site lies in front of the unrivalled scenary of Cleoparta Beach. which can be seen from every apartment. It is 100 m close to District Police department and 300 m far from the intercity bus station. Completed in 2003, Uygun Cleopatra consists of 8 normal plus 2 duplex apartments.

  • Uygun Cleopatra

    Uygun Cleopatra

    Uygun Cleopatra I lies to the east of the Police Department and is 100 m distant from the Cleopatra Beach. It is at 200 meters reach of the closed swimming pool under construction, as well as the intercity bus station. Completed in 2004, Uygun Cleopatra consists of 5 retailer shops, 17 normal and 4 duplex apartments

  • Uygun Bazaar

    Uygun Bazaar

    Falls to the immediate north of the usual location of the Friday Bazaar in Alanya downtown. Due to its advantageous position right in the middle of city downtown, is facilitates easy travel and access to anywhere inside the city. Completed in 2001, Uygun Bazaar encompasses 18 retailer shops and 15 apartments, in total.