Uygun Cleopatra III Garden Walls Restored

 As part of the general layout reconstruction efforts held at Uygun Cleopatra III, the garden walls surrounding the structure's courtyard have fully been renewed with an elegant looking cover of traverten marble. Uygun Group will continue with its moves for providing more and more added value to this site.
Uygun Cleopatra III is a large contemporary living compound located at the entrance of Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, with a breath-taking view of the Cleopatra's Beach lying beneath the shadow of the guarding spirit of the Fortress of Alanya, all filled with the beautiful beams of the sun and fresh air.

You may enjoy the matchless view of the sunset while tasting your drink drop by drop and live the rest of your time in the heart of the Mother Nature.
The site is 500 m far from Cleopatra beach by walk and 2 km from the downtown.

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