EXPO excitement in Antalya


Considered one of the world's most important organizations in Antalya who is entitled to make the World Botanical EXPO, EXPO excitement taking place.

Coordination of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, "Flower and Child" theme of the EXPO 2016, the only candidate for Botany to Antalya, in Paris at the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE), the General Assembly took the vote after the organization officially. West Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute in Antalya (BATE) 90-acre area to be prepared for the EXPO.


Provided for the participation of 130 countries 2016'yı 5 million tourists expected to visit the EXPO. When considering the future of 2 million tourists to the city only to EXPO, fair is estimated 3 million domestic tourists will visit. Countries and organizations will participate in the organization to create gardens with costs and expenses of the investment to be at an average of 2 million euros reported at the fair, is expected to be 20 thousand social and cultural activity. The fair will bring revenue to the city a total of 4 billion euros and 30 thousand people are estimated to provide employment.

EXPO is the world's most extensive and spectacular events in both Turkey and Antalya in the international arena is seen as a great opportunity in terms of presentation, winter tourism in Isparta and Burdur during the fair. Establishment of the agricultural exhibition area within the fair, the world's largest agricultural museum planned.


What is EXPO?

"World Exhibition" EXPO's called, culture, history and education to create a better world for countries to exchange information at the global level which is seen as the most comprehensive organization. EXPO's main purpose, rather than commercial products, new ideas, cultural riches and the future of the world to showcase projects that is specified.