Visa-free travel for Russians in Turkey remains unchanged

Once from the Russian Federation introduced a visa entry for citizens of Turkey, Russian citizens of the summer and living in Turkey were concerned about retaliation on the part of the Turkish authorities. But no, this did not happen, and we hasten to inform you that probably will not happen.

Turkish Embassy in Moscow 01.11.2016 reports that visa rules for Russian citizens visiting Turkey have not changed, and the Russians, as before, can come and stay in Turkey up to 60 days, provided that the duration of stay should not exceed 90 days during each period of 180 days.

"When crossing the border in Turkey for tourism purposes within the visa-free regime dostotachno have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 4 months" - said Plenipotentiary.

If a Russian citizen need a visa, for a specific purpose, by the new rules from January 5, 2016, you must first make an appointment by visiting the website and www.visa.gov.tr personally visit the Consulate of the Turkish Republic.

For citizens, have flown to Turkey and want to extend their stay in the country, you need to visit the Migration Service at the place of residence.

Note that, in the resort town of Alanya in December last year, started the Migration Department on work with foreigners (NEW ALANIYTSAMI).

The list of countries whose citizens applied for visa-free regime at the entrance:
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus - 60 days

Kazakhstan, Kirgizistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Latvia - 30 days

Georgia, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Norway, Syria, Greece - 90 days