Property Purchase Procedures

The procedures implemented in the purchasing process are as follows:

1. Sales contract

This contract is signed between the purchaser and the seller. The contract will be arranged in two languages:
The native language of the purchaser and Turkish (in compliance with consumer protection law and the Turkish civil code).

The contract will contain the following information:
• Purchaser and Seller information
• Information regarding the property that is the subject of the contract (construction features, delivery period etc.)
• Payment / Stage Payment clauses relating to purchase amount
• The responsibilities of the purchaser and the seller
• Judicial and legal procedures

Required Documents
• 3 passport sized photographs
• 2 photocopies of either passport or identity card
• The names of the mother and father of both the purchaser and the seller

2. Acquisition of Tax Number

A tax number, easily acquired from the local Tax Office Directorate, will be required (along with a copy of passport) for title deed registration application, the setting up of a bank account and utility subscriptions application.

3. Setting up a bank account

An account in any local bank is set up in the name of the purchaser; this enables monies to be transferred to facilitate payment for the property. It will also allow for additional payments (maintenance fees, utility and public service bills) to be made.

4. Granting Power of Attorney

It is normal practice (though not obligatory) for the purchaser to grant power of attorney to his or her an alternative trustee. This allows that trustee to carry out all transactions relating to the purchase of the property as well as applying for utility, public services and telephone subscriptions in the name and on behalf of the purchaser.

5. Title Deed Application

A permission to purchase' request is made to the local Title Deed Directorate and also the relevant military authorities (compulsory procedure in Turkish property law) within the provincial borders of the location of the property. The application made to the military authorities is a formality to ensure that the property is outside of a restricted or military zone . The title deed transfer can be within 3-5 days after the sales contract

6. Title Deed Transfer

After the permissions for the title deed transfer are granted from the official bodies, the seller completes the title deed transfer to the purchaser at the Title Deed Directorate through the medium of a certified interpreter. This transaction can also be carried out by the appointed trustees on behalf of the purchaser.

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