TAV triples the capacity of Gazipaşa Airport

The terminal building at Antalya Gazipaşa Airport was expanded three times the size and new parking zones were added to the apron thanks to the investment made by TAV Airports. The expansion of the runway continues. The airport, which has a significant contribution to the tourism in Alanya and the surrounding areas, prepares to welcome the new airlines with its new image.

Operated by TAV Airports, Antalya Gazipaşa Airport prepares to become the new hub of the Mediterranean Region with its new 6,400 square meter terminal building (three times bigger than the old terminal) and the apron which was doubled in size. There are currently flights to 19 destinations in 9 countries from Gazipaşa Airport, the capacity of which was increased to 1.5 million passengers a year with the recent expansion work. The work to expand the runway to 2500 meter is also expected to be finalized by the end of the year.

TAV Gazipaşa Operations Coordinator Cengiz Aşıklı said “Gazipaşa Airport continues expanding its destination network and contributing to the region's and country's tourism sector. We hosted approximately 363,000 passengers at our airport in 2013. We reached approximately 250,000 passengers in the first half of 2014. The capacity of our airport has now increased to 1.5 million passengers a year with the recent expansion work we realized. Soon, THY will be launching 14 flights a week from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Gazipaşa Airport. Gazipaşa Airport will soon become the new center of attraction with the existing and new flights of the other airlines. We would like to thank our government and the Ministry of Transportation, DHMI (State Airports Authority), SHGM (General Directorate of Civil Aviation Authority), local authorities, airlines, our stakeholders in the tourism sector and the locals for their support they have provided for Gazipaşa to reach its current position that it deserves."

The number of the aircraft parking areas was increased from 3 to 6 with the expansion work carried out recently at Gazipaşa Airport. The number of counters was increased from 7 to 16, x-rays from 4 to 5 and passport counters from 5 to 14 at the new 6,400 square meter terminal building. 15,000 square meter apron was also expanded to 22,000 square meters.

There are direct flights to 19 destinations in 9 countries from Gazipaşa Airport, which are Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Köln, Stuttgart and Munich in Germany, Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen in Norway, Copenhagen and Billund in Denmark, Stockholm and Goteborg in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland, Vilnius in Lithuania, Brussels in Belgium and Beirut in Lebanon. Furthermore, Pegasus Airlines flies to Tehran in Iran via connections at Adana.

Domestic flights includes to Ankara Esenboğa with Anadolu Jet, Sabiha Gökçen with Pegasus, Istanbul Atatürk Airport with Onur Air and Adana with Bora Jet.