Ottoman Ship at Alanya Dockyard

A non-completed ship which is belong to Ottoman Period is produced in the content of Alanya Castle Red Tower-Tophane Axis Maritime and Ship Museum by Alanya Municipality.

Ottoman Ship

One more step is recorded for the presentation and explanation to the visitors of the region which is between Red Tower and Tophane Region.

Ottoman Ship

In the content of this project,A non completed Çekevele ( Celbe) which is used in Ottoman Navy in every period for logistics and consumming.They can also go fast.The ship which will be exhibited at Alanya Dockyard is 14.95 metres height and 4.90 metres wide.

Ottoman Ship

A Caraskal with single wheel which is set on three legs with the height of 4.5 metres and an elevator mechanism for lifting and moving the weights.

The Dockyard (1226) and the Red Tower (1227) were built by Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat.The Dockyard is the one which is still remaining in Mediterranean.

The scientific consultancy of the project is implemented by "360 Derece" Associaiton.