new Caterpillar excavators to machine park

Cat 324 Dl Excavator

Uygun Group is adding new Caterpillar excavators to machine park .One of our investment area is excavtion and for to use Uygun Group constructions and for our customers constructions we are buying new Cat machines . Our new machine Cat 324 Dl Excavator came yesterday .And the next month a new Cat 320 Dl will be Uygun Group Machine park . Uygun group has the biggest machine park in Alanya

Caterpillar equipment is known throughout the world. With deep knowledge of engineering and development of new technologies, Caterpillar has concentrated on the search for acceptable solutions in the field of repair and road construction. Many of us know that technology from Caterpillar has long been successfully used in the mining industry. What does this mean? It means reliability, endurance, quality and performance. All these qualities are reflected in other sectors, where Caterpillar equipment is used, including construction and road repair.