CAT 320 Dl Excavator

We recieved new CAT 320 Dl excavator to Uygun Group machine park . For to give best service and maximum performance to our customers , we are adding new machines and trucks to our company .

Uygun Excavations
First introduced to business in 1982 as a freight and excavation services provider, the company continues its existence in the world of business with the first day joy and pride. With the construction machinery and equipment found in its inventory, the Company is well capable of excavations, cuts, demolitions and freight of any kind or assortment. Having adopted a philosophy that tends to see each customer assignment as one of the Company's own and subsequently treats the same with due care and diligence, the Company has a dominant market share in the locality of its business quarters and a high influence around relevant business cycles, all thanks to its continued use of well trained, highly qualified and permanent teams of regular staff with comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge in their majoring areas, in addition to the awesome throughput of its business machinery and equipment.