The Foreigners Committee

The Foreigners' Committee of the city of Alanya was founded in August 2004 as the first of its kind in Turkey and continues its work to this day.

In monthly advisory board meetings different subjects are discussed, clarified and since recently also posted on its own web site. www.alanyayabancilarmeclisi.com.tr  

Furthermore, at irregular intervals, authorities such as hospitals, police and other public institutions attend our meetings to inform us of legislative changes and innovations, which are thenrelayed to the members of the individual associations by their representatives on the committee.

Since 2015 there are members from 16 different nations on the committee.They come from Turkey, Germany, Iran, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Georgia, Russia, Poland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Syria and Lithuania.All are volunteers and work with great commitment for the benefit of theindividual organizationsthat they represent.The city of Alanya is keen for foreign associationsto be represented on the Foreigners Committee by a chairperson, deputy or other association member.This helps with contacting all foreign inhabitants speedily.

Two days a week, Mondays and Thursdaysfrom 10:00-12:00, the committee’s informationoffice is open in the city centre next to the "KuyularönüCamii" mosque and is open to deal with questions, complaints, suggestions and requests.Here foreigners can seek advice and assistance.Some questions can be answered immediately, the remainder are sent to the competent, appropriate authorities.In the office either one or two members of the Committeetake turns with this honorary work.

TheForeigners’ Committeestrives to provide non-bureaucraticandquick helpwith any problems.In thisit is supported bythe local media. In return, theyhelp both thelocal pressandtheinternationalmedia with their reporting.

The new website "www.alanyayabancilarmeclisi.com.tr" gives information on all activities and innovations in Turkish, English, German and Russian.Questions, suggestions, comments or complaints can be sent via the website, which are then answered by the Committee quickly and efficiently.

On the Facebook page of the Foreigners’ Committee "AlanyaBelediyesiYabancilarMeclisi" you can read what happens every day in the city and many more interesting things.