22th International Alanya Premium European Triathlon Cup will be held on 05-07 OCTOBER 2012

        American Naval Officer John COLLINS had wanted to make test durability of human body in Hawaii 1978 year.This test contains are swimming for 3.800m parkur shortly after bicycle race for 180 km shortly after marathon race for 42km 195m.It has come to Eroupe this race in 1983 year, later first time organized in Alanya 1991 year for Turkey.Alanya, triathlon,tenis club and Triathlon Federation of Turkey have been pioneered to set up in Turkey by Alanya.The International Triathlon is raced a step of Eroupean Triathlon Championship for men and women categories.It is formed 1,5km swimming,40km bicycle race and 10km marathon race.

Transition Area

• All equipment (helmentsand running shoes) must be in the appropriate beskets.


• Water temprature will be indicated on a board at the race center
• It is mandatoryt wear the swim cap from the start until about 5 meters after the finish
• You will be guided from the transition area to the area
• Wetsuits are forbidden
• It is not allowed to wear the race number during the swimming segment.You have to put the race number in your basket in the transition area.


• The roads are free of traffic totally
• Cycling in the transition area is forbidden

Handle Bars Shell Comply With The Following

• Only traditional “drop handle bar are permitted.
• “Clips-ons” will be permitted,provided they do not extend more that 15cm beyond the front wheel axle,and they are not longer than the brake levers foremost line.
• Straight forward facing bar on gear shifters are allowed on the end of the “clips-ons”.The only exception will be grip shifters.
• Elbow pads are permitted.
• Your bike must be in accordance with the ITU rules.A bike check is available at the Race Center between 10:00-12:00 on October 23th.
• All Competitors must have their helmet securely fastened from the time they remove their bicycle from the race at the start of the cycle until after they have placed their bicycle on rack at the finish of the race.
• Drafting is allowed, (Only for 1st and 2nd wawes)
• Ending the bike segment you must dismount in the special marked dismount-zone.


• There are 2 refrshment stations in each Lap.
Competitors have to finish the race before 18:00 hours,Competitors on the course after 18:00 have to leave the race.

Protest Jury

• The protest jury will meet at the Race Center.A protest can be made by any competitors.
• Any protest must be handed over to a member of the protest jury in the form attached and in English together with a free of 50YTL or 30EURO.
• The protest must be filed within one hour after completing or leaving the course or after the time of posting the disqualification on the official notice board in the finish area.


• Having finished please keep the finish area free for the following competitors and g oto the refreshment station.
• Itis not allowed to cut or alter the race number,The logo of the sponsor must always be visible,any infraction will result in immediate disqualification.
For more information please visit :  www.alanyacup.com